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Are Peloton shoes true to size? – A secret guide on buying the best Peloton shoes

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BY Jim Felt
Updated on 05/23/2022

The question of “Are Peloton shoes true to size?” is more common than you ever thought. Many people are having a hard time getting the right size for their Peloton shoes, both via online and offline purchases.

So to learn more about how should Peloton shoes fit and all the shocking things you need to know about Peloton shoe size, let’s go through this detailed and fool-proof guide right here!

Do Peloton shoes fit true to size?

The answer to this question is yes. Peloton shoes are made relatively true to size. So if you got a pair of Peloton shoes with precise foot measurement, it will highly likely fit.

However, Peloton shoe size is only applicable to the common or standard foot shape:

  • If your feet are of a wider scale, you may need an upsize.
  • If your feet are bending toward the narrow side, you should consider getting one size smaller.

Furthermore, Peloton shoe sizes are available in men’s, women’s, and unisex departments. The size range is not so broad, so you should be careful when choosing the right size and department for your Peloton shoes.

Peloton shoes in the box

Peloton shoes in the box

Do I have to buy special shoes to use on Peloton bikes?

You do need to use special shoes to use on Peloton bikes. The shoes should be cycling shoes with 3-hole cleats. Because Peloton bikes are only compatible with clip-in shoes.

  • Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t need to exclusively buy Peloton shoes to use on Peloton bikes.
  • Peloton bikes can go with other cycling shoes from other brands. You just need to purchase the shoes with Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats for the Peloton pedals.

Nevertheless, Peloton shoes are of high quality and have sure-win compatibility for Peloton bikes. Moreover, they are true to size and easy to pick too. So Peloton shoes are a good choice for indoor spinning bikes. 

Special design of Peloton shoes

Special design of Peloton shoes

If you want to know more about Peloton shoes, you can check it out here:

Guide on how to measure foot size for Peloton shoes

Getting the precise foot measurement will help you to pick out the most comfortably snug and fit Peloton shoes. You can follow this easy guide right here:

Step 1: Get the measurement

  • You can use a large piece of paper, ideally bigger than your foot.
  • Then, stand firmly on the paper and mark the top and heel of your foot.
  • Connect the mark with a straight line for better measurement.
  • After that, mark the side of your foot where it is largest. Repeating the same step of making a connecting line is recommended.
Measure with paper and marker

Measure with paper and marker

Step 2: Check the measurement with the Peloton shoe size chart

measure the marking

measure the marking

Pay it in mind that one foot may be bigger than the other, so for Peloton shoe sizing, you should take the bigger measurement.

  • Now you need to measure the two connecting lines to get the length and width of your foot.
  • You can check your shoe measurement with the Peloton shoe size chart below.

Let’s find out which size may fit you most. If your feet are wider than the shoe’s size considerably, you can think of upsizing your choice for better comfort.

Find your true size

Find your true size

Guide on how to choose Peloton shoe size

Peloton shoe size charts

To get the best fit for your Peloton shoes, the brand also offers shoe size charts for your reference:

Peloton Women shose size chart:

Women Peloton shoe size

Women Peloton shoe size

EU Size US Size
Size 36 Women 5
Size 37 Women 6
Size 38 Women 7
Size 39 Women 8
Size 40 Women 9
Size 41 Women 10
Size 42 Women 11
Size 43 Women 12
  • Peloton shoe size chart for women runs from size 36 to 39, equivalent to size 5 to 8 for women.
  • If you have bigger feet than size 39, you can consider go up to size 43, which is as big as size women 12.

Peloton men shoe size chart:

Men Peloton shoe size

Men Peloton shoe size

EU Size US Size
Size 40 Men 7
Size 41 Men 8
Size 42 Men 9
Size 43 Men 10
Size 44 Men 10.5
Size 45 Men 11
Size 46 Men 12
Size 47 Men 13
Size 48 Men 13.5
  • The size range is 44 to 48, which is size 10.5 to 13.5 for men.
  • For smaller feet, you can check out the 40 to 43 size (Men size 7 to men size 10).

A helpful sizing guide that you should check out:

How to size Peloton shoes?

Peloton shoes are true to size so you should check your measurement and go with the most fitting shoe size.

  • The shoes should be snug-fitting and comfortable, with no discomfort when you spin on the bike.
  • You should still leave a small toe room around 5mm to avoid getting cramps.
  • You should also feel that the shoes’ balls are positioned directly on the widest part of your feet and there is no disproportion when you work out with your Peloton shoes.

4 Amazing tips you should know when buying Peloton shoes

Peloton shoes’ length and width

When you choose your Peloton shoe size, the length and width of your feet are the deciding factors. As Peloton shoes are true to size and should be naturally fitting, you should get proper measurements before buying Peloton shoes.

  • The length of your feet should always be smaller or exact with the shoes’ length. Smaller lengths will cause cramps and pain when used. Don’t count the stretch in from the beginning, because you don’t want sore and injured feet due to too small shoes after a workout.
  • Besides, the width of Peloton shoes is a bit tricky. The shoes tend to be on the narrow side, so they fit more if you have narrow feet. You should consider going half an inch upsize if your feet are larger than the standard measurement.
Up-close Peloton shoes (1)

Up-close Peloton shoes

Peloton shoes’ comfort and accommodation

You should never let your Peloton shoes feel not right when using them. The shoes should be comfortable and stable when you are on Peloton bikes.

  • Be sure to check that your feet are completely standing in a natural position when you wear your Peloton shoes, and you can feel how the shoes hug them well.
  • If you feel any discomfort when using your Peloton shoes, it’s time to think about resizing your shoes.

Peloton shoes’ sole and closure

For Peloton shoes, you should pick those with stiff and strong soles:

  • Cycling and spinning will put great pressure on the shoes, so stiff and thick soles will dampen the force on your feet.
  • They also help the shoes to stay in shape for a longer time.

Peloton shoes have different closure styles, suitable for users’ preferences:

  • If you want a quick and easy closure, consider the Velcro strap type.
  • They are the most user-friendly and time-saving when you put in and take off your Peloton shoes.
Velcro strap Peloton shoes

Velcro strap Peloton shoes

How to fix if my Peloton shoes run big or small?

The sad news is that Peloton bikes do not break in or stretch much, so if you bought too-small shoes, you may need to resize or purchase a new pair.

However, if your shoes are just slightly bigger than your feet, with acceptable toe room, you can still use them. Only switch for a downsize if your Peloton shoes are loosely hanging on your feet.


Should I size up or down my Peloton shoes?

You should only size up or down your Peloton shoes when the shoes are too tight or too loose on your feet.

Do you need clip-in shoes for Peloton bikes?

Yes, Peloton bikes are compatible only with clip-in shoes.

Do I need cycling shoes for Peloton bikes?

Yes, cycling shoes should be compatible with Peloton bikes.

How tight should my Peloton shoes be?

Your Peloton shoes are true to size and should be a snug fit with 5mm toe room at most.

Do Peloton shoe stretch after use?

No, Peloton shoes don’t stretch much.


Peloton shoes are quite true to size, so you should take great consideration for foot measurement when purchasing them. You should choose the size close to your foot size for better use.

However, if your feet run narrow or wider than standard, you may need to think of upsizing or downsizing our Peloton shoes choice to work best on the bike.

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