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All about Callie Gullickson and How She Eats like a Trader Joe’s Expert

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 07/05/2022

Peloton has a comfortable and creative working environment. Many coaches rely on it to develop the content of their classes. Callie Gullickson is one such coach.

Callie Gullickson has a strong figure and adorable training style. Her strength and bike classes have many students who all have favorable views of Callie. Not only that, Callie Gullickson is very enthusiastic, dedicated, and thoughtful. She is always by the side of her members when needed.

Read the article below to learn more about this instructor.

Who is Callie Gullickson?

Callie Gullickson is a Peloton Instructor. Her expertise is in strength and biking, which is evident in her practice videos. It is predicted that Callie might produce more tread classes in the future.

Callie Gullickson used to be a boxing instructor, so she has tough knowledge of body and fitness. Furthermore, being born into an athletic family, Callie Gullickson easily captures athletes’ spirits. That is the key to her strong inspiration in her classes.



The early life of Callie Gullickson

Callie Gullickson was born into an athletic family, so she soon had access to fitness exercises and the high intensity of the whole family. Callie constantly practices pursuing her passion for dancing with the desire to fit the mold of her family.

Thus, Callie Gullickson excelled in a graduate business degree in commercial dance. This was also when the young girl learned the meaning of making sacrifices to achieve the achievements in life and to realize her own dreams.

She was so proud of being born into the type of family: “I think coming from a family of athletes kind of made it easier for me because I could learn from their mistakes. I could ask them for advice, and they could help me out. So I think it definitely benefited me more than it hurt me.” Thus, Callie has gained some success in her career path.



Callie Gullickson’s summary information

Full Name Callie Gullickson
Birthday November 26, 1986 (36 updated in 2022)
Hometown West Palm Beach, Florida
Hobby Shopping in the pillow aisle or throwing punches in the gym
Nationality The American
Education Cardinal Newman High School

Pace University in New York City

Business degree in commercial dance

Relationship Status Married with Chris Howell
Children No
Current Job Peloton Instructor, performer, and model
Previous Job Marketer, Local Tread Instructor, Dancer
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok

Callie Gullickson’s Relationship and Family

Callie Gullickson’s Family

Callie Gullickson’s family works mainly in sports.

Her father, Bill Gullickson, born on February 20, 1959, was a former Major League Baseball pitcher.. He played professionally in Japan, the U.S, and Canada. He worked passionately during an 18-year professional career to win 162 games in 14 seasons.

Callie’s mother, Sandy Gullickson, 62 (in 2022), was a former tennis player at Western Kentucky. She has 11 grandchildren. She inspired three of Callie’s siblings to pursue professional tennis.

Callie Gullickson has all five siblings. Each of them pursues a career in sports and has had remarkable successes:

  • Cassie Gullickson

She was a jumper on the track and field team at Notre Dame.

  • Carly Gullickson

She had a successful pro tennis career in America and one of her biggest victories was the 2009 US Open mixed-doubles event with Travis Parrott. She retired from tennis in 2013.

  • Craig Gullickson

He was a baseball player at Clemson and Georgia.

  • Chelsea Gullicksonwon

She was an NCAA singles title in tennis at Georgia.

  • Callie Gullickson

She was an accomplished dancer and personal trainer.

  • Chloe Gullickson

She is the youngest daughter in the Gullickson family. Chloe attended the University of Virginia in the summer of 2016 and joined the women’s program after starring as a junior tennis player.



Callie Gullickson’s Relationship

Callie Gullickson is currently married to her husband, Chris Howell. After two years in a happy relationship, she and Chris decided to have a wedding at a church in Jupiter, Florida. Her wedding took place in June 2021.


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Callie Gullickson’s Social Media Account

Callie Gullickson regularly shares her daily life and works on social networks such as Facebook (more than 3k followers), Instagram (185k followers), and Tiktok (58,5k followers) (updated in June 2022). With her positive spirit, the content she shares always attracts a large number of fans to interact and comment. Here are three social media accounts you can visit:



Callie Gullickson’s Career Path

Before Peloton

Before joining Team Peloton, Callie Gullickson was an instructor at Rumble Boxing. Rumble Boxing gathers a lot of inspired and inspiring fitness instructors around the world. Rumble often designs 45-minute boxing exercises.

By June 2020, Callie Gullickson left Rumble Boxing to “start a new chapter” and moved to Florida for a while. She joined the Alo Moves platform and filmed for a new on-demand training series.



At Peloton

Callie Gullickson joined the Peloton Team in June 2021. Her main specialty is strength and biking. Along with fellow instructors Robin Arzón, Tunde Oyenenin, Cody Rigsby, and Jess Sims, Callie Gullickson was one of the first five instructors to design a Bike Bootcamp roster.

Bike Bootcamp – a combination of strength and cardio was established in September 2020. This class was built to enhance members’ endurance, physics, and fitness. The first half of the practice time will be on the bike, and the other half will be a strength boost.



Why Should You Join Callie Gullickson’s Classes?

All you should know about Callie Gullickson’s classes

Callie Gullickson has 291 classes in total. Most of which are about the strength (222 classes) (updated in June 2022). In the next parts of this article, we will focus on the details of her strength class.

Here is some general information about Callie Gullickson’s running classes:

Class Length:

Callie does not have 60-minute strength classes. Instead, she focuses on 20-minute classes (105 classes). In addition, she also has other classes, as shown below:

  • 5-min (13 classes)
  • 10-min (66 classes)
  • 15-min (3 classes)
  • 20-min (105 classes)
  • 30-min (34 classes)
  • 45-min (1 class)

As such, Callie Gullickson’s classes are most suitable for beginner and intermediate members. In addition, she has not worked at Peloton for a long time, so the classes are few and not diverse.



Class Type:

Here are Callie Gullickson’s Strength Classes, categorized into 6 class types:

  • Warm-up (2 classes)
  • Body Weight (34 classes)
  • Full Body (45 classes)
  • Core (53 classes)
  • Upper Body (55 classes)
  • Lower Body (33 classes)


Class Language and Subtitles:

All Callie Gullickson’s strength classes have the English language. However, she has 5 classes with German subtitles, and 214 classes are equipped with English subtitles.

Class Music:

Although Callie Gullickson does not have as diverse classes as other instructors due to her short working time, she has tried to add more music to her video. Her classes are multiplied as music as below:

  • Alternative (1 class)
  • Country (1 class)
  • Electronic (12 classes)
  • Hip-hop (2 classes)
  • Pop (93 classes)
  • R&B (2 classes)


Top 3 Reasons for Participating in Callie Gullickson’s Classes

Callie Gullickson’s Special Training Style

After many years as a dancer, Callie Gullickson identified the philosophy of her teaching style. She shared: “My boundless energy is coming your way in workouts that truly put the” fun” in functional.” She emphasizes “fun” during her practice and tries to incorporate them into every classroom.

In addition, Callie Gullickson always focuses on technique and the quality of movement in every lecture. When exercising, regardless of your weight, it is important to know which body part is working effectively.

Last but not least, “I think there’s such beauty in seeing not only your body but also your mind get stronger.” – Callie shares about the importance of the inner state. Having been so creative with dancing, she can see the effect of a relaxed soul in a fitness practice.

The Way Callie Gullickson Motivates

According to Callie Gullickson, energy is the soul of every classroom.  So, for an abundant energy source,  Callie creates a classroom with a “warm, encouraging, and accessible” environment. Here, each student will exchange and learn from each other. Therefore Callie promotes each member’s inspiration.

Next, Callie Gullickson encourages her members to make mistakes and learn to laugh at themselves. She doesn’t want her class to be stressful or members to get under pressure.

Callie also said, “My only wish is for you to finish a workout with me feeling strong, empowered, and, most importantly, confident.” So, we can see her enthusiasm as well as how she motivates each member of her class.

Callie Gullickson’s Playlists

Callie Gullickson’s playlist is so exciting and impressive. She often combines songs with energetic and healthy beats to boost the members’ spirit and break the limitations. Some of the songs she uses are Rather Be (Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne), This Girl (Kungs ft Cookin’ On 3 Burners), Break Free (Ariana Grande ft Zedd), etc. Her working playlist will definitely make you feel on top of the world when leaving the classes.



Callie Gullickson and Her Trader Joe’s Diet

Callie Gullickson knew Trader Joe’s when she was 18 and in college. She had never heard of the brand until she saw her friend eat it for his supper. Living in New York gives Callie the opportunity to reach out to Trader Joe’s. She often went to the stores that sell Trader Joe’s to make a purchase.

Here is a list of Trader Joe’s foods that Callie usually buys and eats:

For energy on multi-class days:

Callie Gullickson’s schedule is not stable. Sometimes she has time to go home and prepare food. But when she was busier, she couldn’t go home and only prepare food at work, and Trader Joe’s supported her a lot. So Callie just mixes the foods together and has a nutritious meal.

For breakfast, Callie loves “the overnight oats with a scoop of their crunchy no-salt-added almond butter”, and it is probably one of the ten dishes of TJ’s that she loves the most. A few other dishes from TJ’s on Callie’s list of suggestions are “the cauliflower gnocchi with the Argentinian shrimp tossed in the vegan kale, cashew, and basil pesto” or “The jalapeño chicken sausage over the basmati microwavable rice with peppers and onions.”



For convenience while on the go:

Callie Gullickson’s job moves a lot, so the bagged food fits the intensity of her work. “I love all the bagged salads. My favorite is the Mediterranean, and I add the pre-made grilled lemon pepper chicken.” – She shares about meals for her busy days.



For nighttime snack cravings:

The hardboiled eggs in a bag, the fruit and nut aisle, the salt and pepper-flavored pistachios, and the dried fruit, Mango slices, and Coconut cashews are foods Callie always keeps in the refrigerator.

Whenever Callie craves something sweet, “The sea salt and turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds, the non-dairy frozen dessert chocolate fudge oat bars, and the Gone Bananas dark chocolate-covered banana slices.” will be her choice.



For cooking something special:

In addition to TJ’s, Pasta with penne alla vodka sauce is some of Callie’s favorites if she wants to be fussy about her meal.



Callie Gullickson’s Trader Joe’s Must-Buys
On multi-class days
  • The overnight oats with a scoop of their crunchy no-salt-added almond butter
  • The cauliflower gnocchi with the Argentinian shrimp tossed in the vegan kale, cashew, and basil pesto
  • The jalapeño chicken sausage over the basmati microwavable rice with peppers and onions
On the go
  • The bagged salads, for example, Mediterranean added the pre-made grilled lemon pepper chicken.
Nighttime Snack
  • The hardboiled eggs
  • The fruit and nut aisle
  • The salt and pepper-flavored pistachios
  • The dried fruit
  • Mango slices
  • Coconut cashews
  • The sea salt and turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds
  • The non-dairy frozen dessert chocolate fudge oat bars
  • The Gone Bananas dark chocolate-covered banana slices
Special Meals
  • Pasta with penne alla vodka
Pumpkin Products
  • Pumpkin oat milk
  • Pumpkin cream cheese
  • The maple butter
  • The pumpkin gluten-free pancake mix
  • The pumpkin with Cone ice cream cones
Vegan Products
  • The vegan tzatziki dip
  • The vegan caramelized onion dip
  • The vegan kale, cashew, and basil pesto.

Callie Gullickson became a Trader Joe’s fanatic when her meals mostly featured TJ’s foods. She shares her experiences with TJ’s food: “I love Trader Joe’s – plain and simple. Trader Joe’s makes eating clean, affordable, simple, and fun! For me, it is an experience and one I look forward to the week. to week.”


Have you tried it!? I’d give it an 8/10.

♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles


Strength and Cycling seem like simple subjects, but it actually takes a lot of skills and specialized lessons to bring good results. Participating in Peloton strength and cycling classes is a quick and effective solution.

Callie Gullickson is one of the most sought-after Peloton Instructors that has inspired many Peloton members to train. Her training spirit has supported many people to have better bodies and more positive minds. With dancing experiences, Callie Gullickson promises to produce a variety of cycling and strength classes in the future. So let’s try her classes if you want to be better and get motivation from her.


1. Who is Callie Gullickson married with?

Callie Gullickson married Chris Howell after two years of a happy relationship. Their wedding took place in June 2021 at a church in Jupiter, Florida.

2. What did Callie Gullickson do before joining Peloton Team?

Callie Gullickson used to be a dancer after she got a Business degree in commercial dance at college. However, she moved to be a boxing instructor because of her decrease in love of dance. Callie also worked for Rumble Boxing, where rumored instructor Bradley Rose also worked for a number of years).

3. Why does Callie Gullickson choose Trader Joe’s for most of her meals?

Callie Gullickson chooses Trader Joe’s for most of her meals because TJ’s is plain, simple, and makes her eat clean, affordable, simple, and fun.

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