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How To Clip In Peloton Shoes? – A Simple And Effortless Guide

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BY Jim Felt
Updated on 05/23/2022

Wearing the right Peloton shoes is a must to enhance the effectiveness of indoor cycling. Unlike the normal cycling shoes, Peloton shoes are specially designed. Therefore, you will need to learn how to clip in Peloton shoes for indoor spinning.

Beginners may have a hard time getting used to them, so this article will show you all the secrets about Peloton shoes and how to clip in with them. So let’s go through this easy and foolproof guide to clipping in Peloton shoes right away!

What are Peloton shoes?

peloton shoes

peloton shoes

Peloton shoes are cycling shoes with a special design to fit with indoor spinning bikes:

  • Having either Velcro straps or ratchet clips to hook into Peloton bikes.
  • Coming with Look Delta and SPD-SL to ensure better attachment on stationary bikes.
  • Being built from breathable and durable materials. The mesh and lightweight fabric allow the riders the most comfort when wearing them.
  • Being characterized by the three holes for cleats at the shoe sole.

The special design allows Peloton shoes to bring the most out of indoor cycling workouts. They are compatible with Peloton bikes and help the riders feel more comfortable and stable on bikes.

They also promote ergonomic pedaling and reduce unwanted pressure on your muscles and bones. They are optimal for indoor cycling and can help reduce the chance of getting injuries from the workout.

Simple things you need to clip in Peloton shoes

Allen key for installing Peloton cleats

Allen key for installing Peloton cleats

Peloton shoes may be hard to clip in for beginners. To hasten the process and make it easier, you should prepare these tools to learn how to clip in Peloton shoes:

  • Peloton shoes: They are true-to-sizing made, and you should choose a fitting pair to avoid difficulty during indoor cycling. Besides, you should make sure your shoes are in good condition.
  • Compatible cleats: Peloton bikes and shoes use either the Look Delta cleats or Shimano SPD-SL cleats. If your shoes do not have them in the package, you have to purchase them separately.
  • Allen key: If your cleats come uninstalled, you will need to use a 3mm Allen key to assemble the cleats.
  • Cycling socks: A high-quality pair of cycling socks will smooth out your cycling training a lot.
  • Peloton bike: Any model of Peloton bike should do the job, but it is recommended that you choose a model fitting your physique.
peloton bike

peloton bike

Easiest ways to put on Peloton shoes

Before clipping in Peloton shoes, you must learn how to put on Peloton shoes correctly. This will help you to use the Peloton bikes and shoes efficiently, and avoid damaging them.

Step 1: Prepare the Peloton shoes and cleats

Placing cleats onto Peloton shoes

Placing cleats onto Peloton shoes

Most Peloton shoes come with uninstalled cleats. You must attach the cleats properly under your Peloton shoes before wearing them.

  • Flip your pair of shoes up. You will see three cleat plate holes at the front part of your shoe.
  • Your cleats should be placed into the holes. Remember to keep the line of your cleats matching with the baseline of the holes.
  • If there is no line to match, you can wear your Peloton shoes on and feel the position of the three balls.
  • Use a marker to mark them at the bottom of the shoes. Then, place the cleats based on the marking and the plate holes.
  • Place the washers onto the cleat holes and use the Allen key to twist the screws into the cleats.
  • Make sure that the screws are decently tightened until you feel that you cannot twist the screws anymore.
Placing washers and screw them in

Placing washers and screw them in

Step 2: Loosen the buckles and put on the Peloton shoes

Wear your Peloton shoes with socks

Wear your Peloton shoes with socks

Then, you should have your cycling socks on with you by now before going to the next step. Wearing socks will avoid damaging the soles or friction with your bare skin. So it is recommended that you wear your Peloton shoes with socks.

  • Find the Velcro strap or ratchet clips on your Peloton shoes.
  • Unbuckle or peel off the closure points and adjust them to the point you can comfortably snug into the shoes.
  • Gently get your feet into the opening of the shoes. Your feet should be stably and wholly placed into the pair of shoes.
  • Your feet should feel flat and rested properly on the surface.
Fitted and properly put on Peloton shoes

Fitted and properly put on Peloton shoes

Step 3: Buckle up the shoes on both sides

  • Secure the closure points after getting your feet in the Peloton shoes.
  • Buckle up or strap on the closure system tightly. The tightness should be present but not to the point of hurting your feet.

You can check out this video for tips and tricks with clipping Peloton shoes:

How to clip in Peloton shoes on pedals?

Before jumping in the way to clip on Peloton shoes, you should know that sometimes they won’t just clip in normally. Here are some of the common reasons and solutions for that:

  • One part of the cleats may be faulty. You should check out to see if there is any impaired, bent, or strangely shaped cleat, then remove it and try clipping in again. If it does not work, you should contact Peloton for new cleats.
  • The tension of the Peloton bike’s pedal is too tight, making it harder to spin and clip in Peloton shoes. You can lightly loosen the screw of the pedals to adjust the strength to a more reasonable tension.

If you don’t know how to loosen your pedal screws, you can watch this quick guide:

  • Your cleats are not compatible with your Peloton shoes. You should check out the compatible cleat models and purchase new ones.

After making sure that you avoid all the potential problems and are comfortable in your Peloton shoes, you can check out these next steps of how to clip in Peloton shoes on the pedals.

Twist your shoes to check the grip

Twist your shoes to check the grip

Step 1: Get on the Peloton bike

  • Hop on the Peloton bikes. You should be standing firmly with both legs spreading apart on the sides of the bikes.
  • Your position should allow you to both hold the handlebar and touch the pedals at ease. During clipping in Peloton shoes, you can grab on the handlebar for leverage.
Get on Peloton bike

Get on Peloton bike

Step 2: Twist the pedals into position

  • Next, use your other leg to twist the pedal into position with one leg firmly on the ground.
  • The pedal should be at the 6 o’clock direction for the side you are clipping in.
  • And it should be parallel and flatly face the surface for the easiest clipping in.
Twisting the pedal into position

Twisting the pedal into position

Step 3: Clip in the Peloton shoes on the pedals

Push in the pedal to clip in Peloton shoes

Push in the pedal to clip in Peloton shoes

  • To clip in, keep your foot’s forefront downward.
  • Lift your first leg higher than the pedal and get the ball right into the pedal.
  • Gently but quickly push the pedal downward until you heard a crispy and clear sound. Now one side of your Peloton shoes is clipped in.
  • Tug the pedal a bit to see how strong the grip is.
  • If you want some more power on the grip, you can twist your shoe.
  • Once one foot is in place, you can repeat the same process with the other side. Get the clipped pedal into the 12 o’clock position for the unclipped side to be at 6 o’clock.
  • You can always grab the handlebar for balance and ease during the process.
  • Slowly spin a few rounds to familiarize yourself with the feel after clipping in both sides of your Peloton shoes. You can adjust the grip by putting pressure on the pedal.
  • You can clip out to check if you feel that your Peloton shoes are not comfortable on the feet. To clip out, you just need to put some force to take off the shoes from the heels.
Peloton shoes clipped in

Peloton shoes clipped in

You can get a quick demonstration of how to clip in and out of Peloton shoes here:


Can I use sneakers with Peloton bikes?

Yes, you can use sneakers, but you will need to use toes clips or cages additionally.

Do Peloton shoes come with cleats?

Yes, Peloton shoes come with Look Delta cleats if you purchase them from Peloton.

Why can’t I clip in my Peloton shoes?

Your cleats may be faulty or your bike’s pedal tension is too tight.


Peloton shoes are one of the best choices for you to pair with an indoor cycling workout. They help to increase the power of the training and lessen the chance of hurting your feet.

However, to use them properly, you have to learn how to clip in Peloton shoes in the correct way. The above guide is simple and easy to follow, so it will be suitable for everyone taking a try on Peloton shoes. You just need to spend a few minutes doing these steps, and the results will surprise you!

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