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How to Unclip Peloton Shoes? – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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BY James Roland
Updated on 05/23/2022

Sometimes, you will find that you can’t get off your Peloton shoes after a workout. Or you don’t know how to unclip Peloton shoes without damaging the cleats and pedals.

Even though getting Peloton shoes off your bike is simple, you may face huge problems if not doing it properly. This article will help to you learn how to clip out of the Peloton bike at ease and all the tips and trick to deal with unclipping Peloton shoes!

Things you should know about Peloton Bikes and Shoes

Firstly, Peloton bikes and shoes are different from the normal outdoor sports equipment. 

  • Peloton brand is specialized in the indoor workout, so both their shoes and bikes are for indoor spinning and cycling.
  • Peloton bikes are stationary bikes used in the cardio workout or spinning classes. They are installed with an interactive monitor screen and network connection. Riders can purchase workout classes with tutors to train using this screen.
  • Likewise, Peloton shoes are enhanced cycling shoes with lightweight and comfortable designs. They are reinforced with 3-hole cleats to grip firmly on the pedals, eliminating all the risk of slipping off during the workout.

You don’t need to pair Peloton bikes and shoes only. Peloton bikes can go with any cycling shoes having Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats. 

However, Peloton shoes are the best when it comes to compatibility with the same-brand bikes.

Up-close Peloton shoes

Up-close Peloton shoes

Precaution when clipping in and out Peloton shoes

Improper clipping in and out of Peloton shoes can cause damage and problems to both the bikes and shoes. So, you should take good precautions to avoid them.

How to avoid stuck Peloton shoes when clipping out of Peloton bike?

It’s common for Peloton shoes to get stuck if you don’t properly install the cleats and clip in the bikes. Therefore, you should:

  • Follow the right method to install the cleats and make sure that the tightness is adequate.
  • Avoid loosening the pedal screw for easy clipping in due to the chance of pedal breakage. It will also reduce the chance of stuck Peloton shoes on your bike.
Peloton shoes clipped in

Peloton shoes clipped in

Tips and tricks to make unclipping Peloton shoes easier

To learn how to unclip Peloton shoes, you should note down these tips and tricks:

  • Using your index fingers and thumbs for getting Peloton shoes off the bike to avoid deforming your shoes.
  • Twisting your ankles will help the shoes to clip out of the Peloton bike easier.
  • When getting your feet out of Peloton shoes, taking off the elastic band on top of your heel, then remove your socks.
  • No walking on slippery areas with your Peloton shoes on, the workout surface should be dry and clean.
  • Keeping an eye on your legs and shoes during unclipping to avoid any potential missteps and injuries.
Clipping out Peloton shoes

Clipping out Peloton shoes

Some of the other tips you may find useful here:

Different methods to get Peloton shoes off the bike

Unclipping Peloton shoes is really easy if you follow these steps:

How to clip out of a Peloton bike?

Step 1: Stop your Peloton bikes

Firstly, you need to make the bike completely stop before clipping out of the Peloton bike:

  • Slow down the spinning until the pedals don’t move anymore
  • Or press the resistance knob to brake the pedals
Resistance knob

Resistance knob

Step 2: Get the pedal into position

  • Lightly spin your pedal to the right position.
  • If you decide to unclip your right foot first, place the right-side pedal in the 6 o’clock position and vice versa.
  • Next, seal the pedals in place using the resistance knob. You can stop when the pedal position is fixed.
Get the pedal into position

Get the pedal into position

Step 3: Twist your Peloton shoes to unclip from the pedal

One foot clipped out

One foot clipped out

Finally, you can unclip your Peloton shoes out of the pedal. You can unclip from the side of the 6 o’clock pedal first.

  • Use enough force to twist your ankle away from the pedal.
  • Be prepared to get resisted for a bit. It is normal since your Peloton shoes are tightly clipped in.
  • When your foot is out of the pedal, get off the Peloton bike with the other foot still clipped in.
  • When you are firmly standing on the ground, unclip the other foot using the same step.

You can find a demonstration of clicking in and out of the Peloton bike here:

How to take stuck Peloton shoes off your bike?

If you follow the above steps and can’t unclip Peloton shoes because they get stuck on the pedal, you can check out this method:

Step 1: Stop the bike and take off your Peloton shoes

  1. Make sure that your Peloton pedals are immobile using step 1 of the first guide.
  2. Unbuckle or peel off the Velcro strap of your Peloton shoes.
  3. Now your feet are free, you can get off your Peloton bike.
Peloton shoes stay on bike

Peloton shoes stay on bike

Step 2: Keep the pedals in place

  1. Position the pedal hands to be parallel with the surface.
  2. Twist the resistance knobs as tight as possible. The pedal should be solid and immobile by now.
  3. Twist the pedals upside down and find the tension screws. 
  4. Prepare a 3mm Allen key for the next step.
Allen key for installing Peloton cleats

Allen key for installing Peloton cleats

Step 3: Loosen the pedal tension

Use the Allen key to unscrew the pedal and ease the tension. This will help to loosen the pedal grip on your Peloton shoes’ cleats.

Loosen the pedal

Loosen the pedal

Step 4: Detach your Peloton shoes from the pedal

Wriggle out of the pedal

Wriggle out of the pedal

  1. Flip the pedal back so your Peloton shoes are facing upward
  2. Place one of your hands on the Peloton logo of the shoes and the other on the cleats.
  3. Twist or wriggle the shoes out of the pedal.
  4. If you still feel resistance or grip of the pedal, apply more force little by little to ease the shoes out. Be careful not to use too much strength or it may cause damage to the Peloton shoes.

You can also check out other tricks to unclip your Peloton shoes:


Why can’t I unclip my Peloton shoes?

Because you may not follow the correct steps to unclip your peloton shoes, or your shoes are stuck on the pedals.

Can I leave my Peloton shoes clipping into the Peloton bike after a workout?

It is not recommended to leave your Peloton shoes clipping in after a workout because it will damage your shoes and bike in the long term.

Why do the cleats get stuck in the Peloton bikes?

Peloton shoes’ cleats often get stuck if you don’t clip them in properly.


Using the Peloton bikes and shoes is a great choice to improve your training and workout results. However, you should know how to unclip Peloton shoes properly to protect both your equipment and yourself. Just follow these simple steps and trust the process!

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