How We Test Products

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How We Test Products

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Testing in The Lab | Testing in Real-life Situations | Why Trust Us? | Contact Us

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We believe that it is impossible to know whether a product is good or not if we do not try and test it. That’s why all reviewed products on our site are tested.

To find a list of products to test, we have to do many pieces of research based on product descriptions given by the manufacturer, reviews and comments from users, and specific categories as well.

After that, we buy those products (or sometimes get samples from manufacturers) and start necessary testing.

We will classify products based on specific factors and their characteristics, such as design, important components, performance, and value.

Through in-depth evaluations and a comprehensive testing process, we choose the best product with the majority of customers. We also select the best products in terms of specific conditions and circumstances, such as best for comfort, best for budget, etc.

In addition, testing the products also allows The Feltracing experts to express their personal experiences. What do they like best about a product? Is the product as good as advertised? Can they install or clean the product easily?

As a result, we provide the most honest and unbiased product reviews, helping customers find the product that works best for them.

At The Feltracing, diversity is always appreciated. That means we won’t eliminate, evade or minimize the introduction of products from brands that belong to people from the BIPOC or LGBT+ communities.

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Testing in The Lab

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The lab is where we test the features and performance of the products. Testing can be repeated to check a specific feature or we can also create different situations to test the overall quality of the products.

We conduct a series of tests on the endurance, comfort, versatility of the products based on our customers’ needs.

In the testing process, our testers will take photos and videos to provide the audience with the clearest and most realistic behind-the-scenes information and product operation in the lab.

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Testing in Real-life Situations

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To draw the most accurate conclusions about the quality of a product, we believe that practical tests are essential.

Just like the testing process in the lab, the actual testing will be conducted depending on predefined methods, focusing on the features that users will consider most carefully such as durability, long-term value, wear and tear, etc.

Through real situations, our testers will review how the products perform. Above all, we evaluate the characteristics that can be affected by the time of the products. In this way, a comprehensive product review will be provided to our readers.

Why Trust Us?

We are committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and non-commercial product reviews. Although we do receive a commission when you purchase some of the products on our reviewed list, that does not affect our conclusions and objectivity about those products.

All products will be tested and evaluated based on these tests’ results. Even if we receive free press samples, these products still comply with our testing standards. Our content team will not allow any priority or false positive reviews for free samples.

One thing we expect our customers to be aware of is that some of the reviewed products may be out of stock or subject to a recall. Our editors always try to minimize this situation by checking product availability every day.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.14.6″ _module_preset=”default” header_2_font_size=”40px” header_2_line_height=”1.3em” text_font_size=”19px” text_line_height=”2em” hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″ module_id=”contact”]

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or opinions you’d like to share with our team of editors, please feel free to email us at