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Peloton And Elliptical: Everything You Need To Know

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BY Chery Donald
Updated on 06/07/2022

Peloton products and Ellipticals can optimize your workout’s productivity. But which do you choose as your companion? Can you combine them for the best outcome?

We will help you answer these questions and determine the most suitable choice for your needs. So let’s follow our post!

Does Peloton Make Elliptical?

No. You can’t find any Peloton Elliptical on the market, and the company hasn’t confirmed any plan on manufacturing this product. 

Up till now, Peloton products include:

So what are the differences between Peloton workout equipment and Elliptical?

Peloton products

Peloton products


Peloton has four primary products with different price tags. On the other hand, the cost of buying an Elliptical also varies from brand to brand. Hence, you have many options in terms of price for both.

Type Name of product Price
Peloton Bike $1,495
Bike Plus $2,195
Tread $2,495
Tread Plus $4,295
Elliptical Sole E35 Elliptical $2,799
ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical $999
Matrix E30 Elliptical $2,099
Cybex Arc Trainer $7,995


The material and construction determine a machine’s quality. Although Ellipticals are sturdy, Peloton products will outweigh slightly in this aspect.

The frame of a Peloton bike is welded steel. It’s also powder-coated for additional toughness and a longer lifespan. Meanwhile, the Pelton treadmill’s frame is carbon steel, making it resilient enough for intense workouts.

On the other hand, Elliptical materials vary, which can be plastic, steel, or brass. If you want a durable item, search for products with a higher price.

Peloton products have durable frames

Peloton products have durable frames


A well-performed workout machine should help you improve your fitness and maximize your recovery. Therefore, we will break this section into two parts so that you can compare the two models easier.

  • Exercises

Ellipticals now come with built-in fitness programs, such as HIIT or fartlek. These exercises aim to train your resistance and speed. However, you can achieve the same thing with Peloton bikes or treadmills.

Besides their symbolic equipment, Peloton products are also famous for their digital app. This Peloton program allows you to perform more workouts, such as cardio, strength, and yoga.

Peloton classes

Peloton classes

  • Calories burned

The number of calories burned depends on intensity and workout duration.

  • Intensity

The intensity level of a Peloton bike and an Elliptical is equal. You can easily adjust their resistance degree to your requirement.

A Peloton treadmill should be your to-go if you want more intense workouts. It offers both resistance adjustment and inclination to maximize your productivity. Moreover, running exercises on a treadmill require more strength and burn more calories than cycling on a Peloton bike or jogging on an Elliptical.

  • Duration

How long can you work out on each machine? The longer you train, the more calories you can burn.

Since the Peloton treadmill needs more intense force for running, you will find it harder to maintain your endurance. Hence, the time you spend on this machine is shorter than that for the other two.

Different impact on your performance

Different impact on your performance


The order of the injury risk from most to least of the three products is as follows: Peloton treadmill -> Peloton bike -> Elliptical.

Peloton treadmill: This machine can be dangerous because of its intense exercises. You may slip or fall out of the machine if you fail to keep the pace. Moreover, adjusting inclination and resistance will make it harder to control.

Peloton bike: Although cycling is safer, you have some things to do with the adjustable handlebar and seat. If you can’t set these components in a good state, they will affect your cycling posture and lead to injuries.

Elliptical: This model is the most suitable option for seniors and those with mobility problems. You will control it easily because there is no need for adjustment. Moreover, its vertical handlebars can work for extra support and resistance.


The Elliptical is a clear winner in this round because:

  • It’s easy to set up.
  • You don’t have to adjust the machine for every workout.
  • You can practice with any sports footwear, while a Peloton bike needs special shoes.
The elliptical is easy to set up

The elliptical is easy to set up

What If You Already Have an Elliptical?

The Elliptical overweighs its Peloton competitors in terms of safety and convenience. However, this machine should have more exercises to improve your workout experience.

If you already have an Elliptical but the lack of exercises bothers you, combining your machine with the Peloton app is a great idea.

So what is the Peloton app? How can it help with your training sessions? We will discuss this topic deeper in the next section.

Can You Use The Peloton App On An Elliptical?

Can Peloton app work with elliptical

Can Peloton app work with elliptical

Yes. The Peloton digital app can work without Peloton devices. This feature allows you to stream Peloton riding classes on the Elliptical screen.

The app can be compatible with your Elliptical because:

  • Both Peloton products and Ellipticals can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If your Elliptical doesn’t have that feature, use a separate tablet or phone instead.
  • They are adjustable in terms of resistance.
  • Stepping on an Elliptical is similar to pedaling on a Peloton bike and running on a Peloton treadmill.

What is the Peloton app?

Peloton offers a digital app that brings you tons of benefits, such as:

  • Joining live and on-demand workout classes.
  • Accessing multiple training lessons.
  • Interacting with the Peloton community and professional instructors.
  • Tracking your performance.
Peloton app

Peloton app

How to use the Peloton app on an Elliptical?

Using this app on your machine is an easy task. Please follow these steps:

  • Buy the app membership (all-access or digital membership).
  • Download the app on your device (phone or tablet) from App Store or Android Play Store.
  • Access the library and choose your workout lesson. The platform also recommends music and intensity levels of the exercises.
  • Enjoy your time.

Are Peloton Tread Workouts Suitable For Elliptical?

Combine Peloton app and elliptical

Combine Peloton app and elliptical

Yes, you can. Although the Peloton app doesn’t offer any Elliptical exercises, you can use its tread workouts for the same effect.

The act of using an Elliptical looks like the running posture of using a treadmill. The difference is that the Peloton treadmill has more impact on your body.

Are Peloton Bike Workouts Suitable For Elliptical?

Yes, and for the same reason as tread workouts for the Elliptical. The bike workouts are even more beneficial because they offer low-impact exercises like the Elliptical.

Which Bike And Tread Exercises To Choose For An Elliptical?

The Peloton app provides multiple tread and bike exercises. We mention the most popular choices right here:

Type Exercise Duration Instructor
Bike exercises Climb Ride (for higher outputs and total power) 45 minutes Hanna Frankson – one of the most influential Peloton coaches
Climb Ride (for higher outputs and total power) 30 minutes Ben Alldis – A famost British trainers at Peloton
HIIT and Hills (Includes high-intensity movements and intervals) 30 minutes Sam Yo – one of the best Peloton instructors
Tabata (with a high level of difficulty) 20 minutes Ben Alldis
HIIT Ride (good for heart as well as total body power) 30 minutes Jess King – a senior Peloton trainer
Tread exercises Bootcamp Full Body (Combined strength and cardio exercises) 60 minutes Jess Sims – a famous Peloton strength and cardio leader 
90s Bootcamp (Combined strength and cardio exercises) 45 minutes Jess Sims
HIIT run (Suitable for active recovery) 20 minutes Rebecca Kennedy – A top-leading instructor at Peloton
Full Body Bootcamp (Combined strength and cardio exercises) 45 minutes Andy Speer – a trainer who focuses on technique of training in each class
Hip Hop Bootcamp (Combined strength and cardio exercises) 45 minutes Adrian Williams – one of the most enthusiastic and positive coaches at Peloton


Which Peloton Workouts Are Better For Elliptical: Tread Or Bike?

Both tread and bike workouts do a great job on your Elliptical. Yet, the bike ones are still better choices because:

  • The act of stepping on the Elliptical is more similar to cycling.
  • Both Peloton bike and Elliptical offer low-impact exercises.

However, please note that the effect of Peloton bike and tread workouts on Ellipticals is relatively equal.

Which Should You Choose?

Peloton bike vs Peloton tread vs Elliptical

Peloton bike vs Peloton tread vs Elliptical

Now you have three options for your training. Which should you choose? If you are still hesitant, please consider the following factors before making your purchase:


If price is your top concern, you may prefer the Peloton bike. Despite the low price, its durability and performance are impressive.

You can also buy an Elliptical at a lower price, but it may sacrifice the material and construction. It would be best to check the machine’s specifications to guarantee its value.


Ellipticals are great solutions for reduced injury risks. You can quickly set it up and don’t have to adjust its components.


Peloton bikes and treadmills offer more exercises, thanks to the Peloton app. However, you can use this program on your Elliptical by purchasing the membership account and installing the app.

Health benefits

The Peloton treadmill is the best for your productivity because it demands the highest level of intensity. However, you will find the other two better for your endurance.


Although Peloton doesn’t produce Ellipticals, you can also use Peloton tread and bike exercises to maximize your performance.

Each product comes with specific features. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider your requirements to opt for the best one out of them.

Hopefully, our guide can help with your training session. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do Peloton bike workouts on the Elliptical?

Yes. You can try Climb Ride, HIIT, and Tabata lessons on the app. Each lasts for 20 to 45 minutes, depending on its goal.

2. Can I do Peloton tread workouts on the Elliptical?

Yes. Some tread workouts for the Elliptical include HIIT run and Bootcamp.

3. Which is better for losing belly fat, the treadmill or the Elliptical?

Both machines can provide excellent and effective weight loss workouts. However, the treadmill is slightly better than its competitor due to the more intense exercises.

4. Is a bike better than an Elliptical?

It depends on what you need. The bike can burn more calories and help more with your weight loss, while the Elliptical is better at strengthening your lower and upper body.

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