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Rad Lopez – One of The Most Favorite Peloton Instructors

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BY James Roland
Updated on 07/05/2022

Every instructor from Peloton seems to have an exceptional charm and worth admiring lifestyle. Rad Lopez is one of those most favorite inspiring Peloton Instructors. He is hot, smart, and talking lovely. He is an inspiration, even a motivation to a lot of Peloton members.

Obviously not overstate to say Rad Lopez is one of the most crushworthy among Peloton hot instructors. Let’s learn more about him with us to see the specific reasons.

Who is Rad Lopez

Rad Lopez has been a Peloton instructor since 2021. He used to be a boxer and had a lot of fitness fans before he joined the Peloton. Keep following to know more details about Rad Lopez with the below information.

The Early Life of Rad Lopez



Rad Lopez comes from the Latinx Community. He is Dominican. His family moved to New York, and this city became the place he was born and grew up.

The Bronx, where he lived, is a very underserved community where he and his family had to choose between food and fitness. His father passed early on, so the family responsibility was becoming heavier day by day on his mother’s shoulders.

Rad’s mom did everything she could for him and his younger sister. She made sure her children had everything they needed, but it was such a struggle for her. A lot of Rad Lopez’s fitness background was looking up to idols in sports, mostly in boxing, which led to his career today.

Rad Lopez’s summary information

Full Name Radichell Lopez
Birthday June 5, 1991
Birthplace Bronx, New York, USA
Nationality Dominican
Marital Status Single
Previous Professions Taught boxing & shadowboxing
Current Professions Peloton instructor and owner of a local brand

Rad Lopez’s Relationship and Family

Rad’s family is his biggest motivation. Despite a struggling past, Rad becomes the pride of the family as well as a lovely son and a brother for his mother and younger sister to lean on.

The keyword “Rad Lopez loves his mom” is everywhere on the internet since this woman has often been mentioned in many interviews and his Peloton virtual classes. As Rad said in an interview that he and his mom have a special connection and the same mindset “growth and hustle for the better”. Obviously, after all the ups and downs, Rad’s mother taught him a lot of precious life lessons.

In contrast to his family, his relationships seem to be quite private. His social accounts are just so focused on expressing his authenticity relating to sports and fitness. Sometimes, you can see a picture of his family on the newsfeed but never a romantic relationship.



Rad Lopez’s Interesting personality

Rad Lopez is a soft-spoken but resilient person. He always remains gentle to all the members and takes care of them well during the class. He talks smart and funny too.

He is not only nice and supportive but also very inspiring. The stories that he has told are taken from his real-life lessons and his mother’s advice making every conversation seem so relatable to a lot of people.

Rad Lopez is confident and 1000 percent authentic to who he is and where he comes from. This shows very well in Rad’s image on the internet, where he did not force himself into a beautiful shell in order to make people look up to him as a perfect person.

Besides being so confident, he loves challenging himself. He believes when you start stepping into power and allowing yourself to take up space, that will take you to the next level.


Rad Lopez’s motivation

Some said that if you keep motivating yourself and striving for excellence, success will follow. Rad Lopez’s story is a good example of this when he has overcome a tough past to build a successful career with motivation from his family, Latinx community, and passion for fitness.


Rad’s mother and younger sister are his biggest motivation. It has been a very difficult time since his father passed so early. With the mindset of “growth and hustle for the better”, Rad has been giving his best every day to change the family’s living conditions and to see them happier.

Both mom and sister are very supportive of Rad’s decisions because they know he will do the right thing, otherwise, it’s gonna be a good lesson.

Latinx Community

Rad always tries to bridge the gap between communities and make sure that the Latinx is heard and seen. He always remembers where he comes from and keeps in mind the pride of the Latinx community. Being a famous Peloton instructor and working with a lot of other Latinx background instructors, he did such a great job of lifting the Latinx community.


His special love of fitness brings him to where he is now. He first got into boxing when he was 16, which became a foundation for his bright future. Now he is a Peloton instructor, and he can use his voice and actions to help people with whatever fitness goal they want as well as confidence lessons.

Rad Lopez’s hobbies

Besides enjoying being a favorite Peloton instructor, boxing and sports are Rad Peloton’s biggest love. He is a food lover too.

Boxing and sports: Rad has loved boxing since he was just a little kid sitting in front of the TV with his family and watching boxing events enthusiastically. He also plays many sports as well like basketball, baseball, and so on, which gives him a huge sense of self and confidence.

Food: Rad loves food. He likes to find balance in life, including the balance between fitness and food. He eats ice cream, cookies, and bread without feeling guilty about it.



Rad Lopez’s Social Media Account

Rad Lopez is not really a social media butterfly but close enough. Being mainly active on Instagram, he has a lot of followers.

Rad Lopez’s Career Path

Before Peloton

Rad started with a boxing background from a very young age. He formerly taught boxing & shadowboxing at Shadowbox NYC, before the company filed for bankruptcy. Then he is offered a position from Peloton as the strength instructor.

Rad Lopez also has his own brand, “The Rad Ones”, named after his shortened name (Radichell). The brand developed with shirts & merchandise products, and services.



At Peloton

Rad Lopez is in charge of many interesting Peloton Strength classes. He is also the first strength-focused instructor at Peloton.

Within just six months of joining the team, Rad became the boxing instructor too. The whole Peloton’s unique boxing classes are under him and only a few more instructors, who also have the same boxing background.

This can see as Rad has made such history with the brand by hosting and developing this program, obviously based on his boxing background.



Rad Lopez story: The journey of becoming a Peloton Fitness Instructor

Rad Lopez’s fitness journey was a bit different from other Peloton instructors since he came up through boxing. Rad has loved boxing since he was just a kid. Struggling in the past at the place where you have to choose between fitness and food, Rad found passion in sports as well as boxing. He sits in front of the TV every boxing event happening, eyes wide open, from fight number one to the last bell. Until age 15, Rad actually stepped into a boxing gym but little did he know that that day was a big milestone for the day to where he is now – a coaching career in sport.

Everything Rad Lopez did was very specific to the sport, and he also credited boxing as his confidence when being offered a Peloton position. His mother and sister are all very happy for him because they just know that his current job is always better than the previous ones.

Why Rad Lopez is one of the most favorite Peloton instructors

Teaching techniques in Peloton Classes

Besides physical and mental strength, the main factor Rad Lopez always mentions in every virtual class is confidence.

Being a Peloton instructor, Rad not only helps you with your fitness goal but also makes you feel more confident about yourself. With the motto “Lead with love. Lead with gratitude”, Rad is always very nice and gentle, as well as strict at some specific moments to lead members through challenges, never letting members quit on themselves. Rad believes that no limit truly exists. It is just your mindset and perception.

Instructor is a friend” is what Rad is doing. Inspiring and motivating members is to let their authenticity of them show clearly. The way he mentioned his mom in life-sharing moments is quite amazing too.

Boxing and sport background

Before being a Peloton instructor, Rad used to teach boxing. This job gave him many things when he did it with such passion. He is very lovable, so it’s easy to understand why he became one of the favorite Peloton instructors so fast. Meanwhile, he has many fans before Peloton too.

Boxing in general and Peloton boxing classes have built his fit and attractive body. Besides the sense of confidence, Rad Lopez is also highly crushworthy, and many papers said he is the hottest and most worth dating this summer.



What’s special in Rad Lopez’s Peloton Classes

Rad Lopez’s Boxing Classes

Rad Lopez is one of the 3 instructors in charge of the “Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing Program” which includes Shadowboxing and Boxing Bootcamp classes.

In two weeks, you’ll be taught from the boxing foundation to the very last steps. There are eight 20-minute classes for the first week focusing on combinations, footwork, and defense then 30-minute expanded classes to practice more skills in the second week.

This program helps you become stronger physically and mentally.

All you should know about Rad Lopez’s Classes

Boxing instructor is not Rad Lopez’s only role at Peloton. He first joined Peloton as a Strength instructor and he is still in charge of many Strength Classes with such a large number of members. We will focus on Rad’s 244 Strength Classes below information.

Class type:

The strength program helps you improve all parts of your body. Choose the suitable class for you following types below:

  • Warm up (3 classes)
  • Full body (42 classes)
  • Core (52 classes)
  • Bodyweight (31 classes)
  • Upper body (77 classes)
  • Lower Body (34 classes)


Class Length:

10-min to 45-min classes account for most of Rad’s Strength Classes. Also, there are some shorter sessions for you to join if you find it suitable.

  • 5-min (15 classes)
  • 10-min (74 classes)
  • 15-min (4 classes)
  • 20-min (101 classes)
  • 30-min (43 classes)
  • 45-min (7 classes)


Class Language and Subtitle:

As a person who has a Latinx background, Rad not only teaches 237 fitness classes in English, but he also uses Spanish to present the lessons. Now, he has 7 Spanish classes. Besides, he has 232 classes with English subtitles. You can turn on subtitles for Spanish too, with 7 classes.



Class Music:

Since Rad loves to see his members confidently express the fitness energy from interesting dance movements. He created his own playlist with many genres depending on the type of class.

  • Latin (14 classes)
  • Hip Hop (55 classes)
  • Pop (8 classes)
  • R&B (2 classes)
  • Rock (5 classes)


Reasons for Participating in Rad Lopez’s Classes

Rad Lopez’s Special Training Style

Physical and mental strength are keys in Rad’s classes. Besides, with the main objective to help you reach your fitness goal, Rad will lead you through many practical life lessons to let you find the confidence and love inside yourself. Also, Rad inspires all the members to be 100 authentic to who they are and live with gratitude. That’s how you’ll find happiness in life.

The Way Rad Lopez Motivate

His motto in fitness classes: “ Lead with love. Lead with gratitude” can clearly express how he is in the role of an instructor. He is kind, nice, and very lovable. He not only motivates and inspires members to build a healthy lifestyle but also leads them to many life lessons, which was to tell them not to quit at any cost because limits do not truly exist.

Rad Lopez’s Classes’ Playlists

Rad uses a lot of Latin music materials in the class, maybe because of his Latinx background. But, besides this genre of music, many kinds have the same powerful beat that makes everyone want to move their body.




Becoming one of the most favorite instructors of Rad Lopez in a very short time is so easy to understand.  He has done such a great job as a fitness instructor, a friend of members as well as a positive contributor to the Latinx Community.

If you find your dream fitness instructor, don’t hesitate to join his virtual class right now! Let’s hit your fitness goal with confidence!


1. How much does Rad Lopez get paid?

Although Peloton is not officially disclosing salaries, it is believed that Rad Lopez can make $500 to $750 per class. With 10 to 15 classes taught in a week, he could rake in up to $585.000 annually.

2. Is Rad from Peloton married?

No, it’s easy to notice from his social media. But, despite that, his loving relationships are very private

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